Choosing the right stock for your wedding invitation cards

wedding invitation cards textured options

Choosing the card you would like to have for your wedding invitation cards might seem like a daunting task. So to help you make your decision I have put some hints and tips together on the cards I offer. All designs can be printed on any of these options, the sample wedding invitations are printed on a recommended card.

The weight of the card is also important, anything too flimsy could look a bit cheap and could get bent or damaged in the post. All card stock I offer is between 250gsm and 300gsm, which is a nice stiff card without being too chunky.

Why choose a textured card for your wedding invitation cards?

Wedding invitation cards deserve to be printed on a lovely textured stock. It gives them a much more tactile and hand made appearance without losing the quality.

The top image shows wedding invitation cards printed on white Laid and Gesso card. The ‘Laid’ card option has a nice slightly irregular fine lined appearance, great for a slightly less formal feel or an illustrative design. The Gesso card has a hammered effect, almost like a watercolour paper, great for hand drawn or watercolour designs.

wedding invitation cards textured options

The above images show 2 different fine lined cards, white Nettuno and cream Acquerello. They have a slightly more formal feel to them and look great with bold clean designs.

wedding invitation cards kraft card

Kraft card perfect for a rustic wedding

The options above show designs printed on Kraft card, one of my favourite options. It has a lovely rustic feel to it and is great for any relaxed barn or country wedding. Kraft does have it’s restrictions though as any colours printed on will appear duller on the darker card and currently I’m unable to print white on Kraft. But don’t let that stop you as you can always mix and match cards to bring in some colour – one of the examples above shows cream Acquerello with Kraft card.

wedding invitation cards pearlescent

Pearlescent cards available

I also offer a pearlescent card called Sirio Pearl Oyster. This has a lovely ivory shimmer to the card and looks great with the more sparkly designs. If you’re looking to use gold in your design then this card really lifts the colour and gives it that glamour and sparkle you don’t get from a matt card.

Other card options are available if required, these are just the cards I keep samples of and use with the sample wedding invitations.

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