How to make rustic wedding placeholders!

Rustic wedding twig place settings

I’ve had quite a bit of interest in these rustic wedding place holders since I made them for the Dumbleton Hall open day. I was providing stationery for a winter themed room and these complemented the designs really nicely. As they’re not all that cost effective for me to produce and sell I thought it might help to provide a quick ‘how to’.


Sticks, secateurs, string, scissors, all purpose glue

1. Go out and forage for sticks!
Ideally you want to find sticks that are relatively straight and no more than about 1cm in diameter. Silver birch can have lovely looking twigs but I ended up getting a whole mixture of twigs.

2. Dry your sticks out
It’s good to get your twigs nice and dry before you start making your place holders, I started by using a very low temperature on the oven and put them on a tray in there for about an hour. I also put some in front of our fire for a day or so.

3. Trim your sticks
Using some secateurs roughly cut the sticks to about 13-15cm in length depending on the size of your place cards. You could use some other implement to cut your wood so long as it has a nice rough finish!

4. Tie the sticks together
You’ll need to cut your string to about 15-20cm in length. Hold the twigs together making sure there’s a small gap between them to fit your card – you may need to rotate them round to get a reasonable gap or choose different sticks to put together. Then tie the string to one end of the sticks by wrapping it round from the bottom to the top then cross over at the top and back round to tie on the bottom. A standard double knot will do. Do the same to the other end making sure the gap between your string will fit your place card!

5. Fix with glue
Add a blob of glue between the sticks next to the string and once dried trim your string short. And your done!

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