Pricing listed below covers all products listed on my site, please contact me if you’re looking for something more bespoke. Please note there is a minimum quantity of x25 on some products – I can produce lower quantities but the cost per invite will be higher.

The costs for my bespoke wedding stationery is similar to the pricing listed here but will also include a design fee.

If you find a design you like but would like it in a different format or tweaked slightly then please get in touch. Wedding invitations are available either as a bundle to include an information card and rsvp or as separate items, so hopefully you can pick and choose items to suit your budget!

< 5050+100+< 5050+100+
INVITATIONS (min. x25) - Envelopes included
Invitation flat card BUNDLE - inc. Information and RSVP card£4.50£4.00£3.50£5.00£4.50£4.00
Invitation folded BUNDLE - inc. Information and RSVP card£4.75£4.25£3.75£5.25£4.75£4.25
Pocketfold Invitation BUNDLE - inc. Information and RSVP card£5.50£5.00£4.50£6.00£5.50£5.00
Invitation Card - Flat card£2.00£1.75£1.50£2.50£2.25£2.00
Invitation Card - Flat card, tied with string or ribbon£2.50£2.25£2.00£3.00£2.75£2.50
Invitation Card - Folded card£2.50£2.25£2.00£3.00£2.75£2.50
Invitation Card - Folded card, tied with string or ribbon£2.75£2.50£2.253.25£3.00£2.75
Information Card£1.25£1.00£0.75£1.50£1.25£1.00
Evening Invitation BUNDLE - A6 Flat card inc. RSVP card, no string£2.50£2.00£1.50£2.75£2.50£2.00
Save the date£1.50£1.25£1.00£1.75£1.50£1.25
Save the date, tag style (with string or ribbon)£1.75£1.50£1.25£2.00£1.75£1.50
Order of the day - A5 flat card£2.00£1.75£1.50£2.50£2.25£2.00
Order of service – A5 folded card£2.75£2.50£2.25£3.25£3.00£2.75
Order of service – A5 folded card, tied with string£3.00£2.75£2.50£3.50£3.25£3.00
Order of service – A5 folded with inner sheet£3.75£3.25£2.75£4.25£3.75£3.25
Order of service – A5 folded with inner sheet, tied with string£4.00£3.50£3.00£4.50£4.00£3.50
- Quantities less than 25, available as part of a package -
Menu – DL size flat card£2.00£1.50£1.00£2.25£1.75£1.25
Menu – DL size folded card£2.50£2.25£2.00£2.75£2.50£2.25
Menu – DL size folded card, tied with string£2.75£2.50£2.25£3.00£2.75£2.50
Place setting cards£2.00£1.50£1.00£2.25£1.75£1.25
Place setting cards - Tied with string£2.25£1.75£1.25£2.50£2.00£1.50
Place setting cards - Blank£1.00£0.75£0.50£1.25£1.00£0.75
Menu card place setting - Name on menu£3.00£2.00£1.50£3.25£2.25£1.75
Table numbers / names A6£2.00--£2.25--
Table plan cards£2.00--£2.25--
Table plan print (A1 or A2) £60.00--£70.00--
Thank you card (min. x25)£2.00£1.75£1.50£2.25£2.00£1.75
Add pocketfold to your invitation£1.00£1.00£1.00£1.00£1.00£1.00
Additional envelopes for RSVP£0.15£0.15£0.15£0.15£0.15£0.15
Lined Envelopes£1.00
Add double sided printing - per card£0.25
Foiling option available - Please contact me for quote
Design Fee (one off fee)£75-£125

Additional inserts for invitation bundles charged at 50p each.


If you place an order for 4 or more products I can offer 10% off the total cost providing part of the order includes a minimum of x50 daytime wedding invitations.
Please contact me for a quote.