Pocket Fold Wedding Invitation

pocket fold wedding invitation

I have been looking to add pocket fold wedding invitations to my designs for a while now. They add a nice luxurious touch and they are great at packaging together all the elements of the invitation. I’m not so keen on fancy over complicated pocket folds with lots of folds and envelope compartments but I recently found this style pocketfold in some samples I ordered. I really like the simplicity of the triangle style pocket and simple single fold. The square design is also less common and I do like my designs to be a little different!

I actually designed this watercolour wedding invitation without planning on it being in a pocket fold. I just happened to come across the sample when my prints arrived back and started playing around with how it could all fit together. The dark grey is sophisticated and especially when finished with a simple gold ribbon and tag. I think the geometric lines of the pocket fold and the tag are a nice contrast to the loose, natural wash of the watercolour.

pocket fold wedding invitation

I chose a nice brush style font for the text as it looked great with the watercolour wash. This design is fully customisable so if you want to change the colour of the pocket fold or the colour of the ribbon or watercolour wash you can. It can be tweaked to suit your wedding colours and style.

Other options

You could of course have this watercolour invitation without the pocket fold (the pocket fold is an additional £1 per invitation) and the design still looks lovely, especially when tied with the skinny gold ribbon.

If you have any questions regarding this design or pocket fold wedding invitations then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I can also provide a more bespoke pocketfold design if this design isn’t exactly what you’re after.

The pricing for this design is Cat A. but the addition of the pocket fold is £1 per invitation. For further details see my pricing page or drop me an email.