Moroccan style wedding ideas

Wedding invitation, moroccan design

Colour is the key when it comes to planning your Moroccan style wedding. You can go all out and fill your venue with strong fuschia pink, purples and orange or go more subtle and use hints of colour. I prefer the idea of sticking to two or three main colours that work well rather than trying to incorporate them all.

My new Moroccan style wedding invitations use a lovely pink and teal within an arabic tile pattern, finished off with a lovely bright pink cotton string. This design works well with a variety of colour pallets, you could use a fresh orange and turquoise theme similar to the cake below or a warmer pink and purple theme.

Moroccan style wedding



  • Use lanterns around your venue, either coloured paper lanterns hanging from trees or beams or if you have the budget some lovely traditional iron and coloured glass lanterns.
  • Choose a Moroccan theme for your menu and deserts. Who couldn’t resist a lovely baklava desert.
  • Bring colour into your bridal bouquet like in the photo above.
  • Maybe use a Moroccan style pattern on your cake with hints of your colour scheme in. I’m not a fan of brightly coloured cakes but I love the one shown above with the delicate patterning on clean white icing.

My Moroccan themed wedding invitation is now available and you can purchase a sample can purchase a sample through this website.