March Meet the Maker

design quote

This month I have been taking part in #MarchMeetTheMaker with Joanne Hawker. It’s a lovely way for small businesses to tell their followers a little bit more about them and how they work.

This year we have had daily prompts which is great, I really like how much it’s challenging me to think of new and interesting images every day. I’ve surprised myself in that I’ve so far managed to keep up with it every day. I originally wanted to have everything planned in advance to make it easier but that was never going to happen!

I think one of my favourite images so far is the photo of my tools and materials. It came out really nicely and I enjoyed filling the space with various items and not worrying too much about whether the items themselves looked nice! I like the fact it shows my graphic design side a bit more rather then everything being wedding based.

#MarchMeetTheMaker is also making me interact with instagram a lot more and I really hope it has given a (positive) insight to my business and will allow potential brides to get to know me a bit more.

Can’t believe we’re on day 23 already, the month has really flown by!

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