Hand finishing wedding invitations

What do I mean by hand finishing?

Most of the designs by Littlebird Weddings include hand finishing. Whether it’s simply tying the invitation cards together with string or ribbon, or the more detailed designs with glitter or paint. One of my latest designs ‘bold metallics‘ (above) is a very simple monotone design which I have professionally printed on textured card stock. I then use a lovely antique gold paint to add the metallic colour. As the design is quite simple you could choose any metallic paint or just a simple flat colour.

Why is hand finishing important?

Hand finishing gives your invitations a very personal, tactile feel and can help reflect your style and personality as a couple. It separates them from any mass produced printed products. I am of course biased on this subject as I take great joy in creating lovely hand finished wedding stationery!

hand finishing rustic wedding invitation

The ‘rustic winter‘ design above is a good example of why hand finishing gives that extra special touch. The invitations are professionally printed on Kraft card. I then paint white dots of snow to finish them off. Every invitation is slightly different and the contrast of the white paint really lifts the design. You wouldn’t get the same bright finish from digital printing alone.

hand finishing glitter wedding invitations

See ‘Wedding Sparkle‘, ‘Indian Patterns‘ and ‘Simple Hearts‘ to see how I use glitter to add sparkle to my designs.

What hand finishing options are available?

The hand finishing options shown on my current designs include a glitter finish, a fine spray glitter finish, metallic paint and standard paint. I then also use a variety of different string options (stripey and flat colours) and also skinny ribbon to tie the wedding invitation cards together. Some designs also come with a small tag tied with the string. I am also currently looking at introducing foiling options to my range.

I do offer a bespoke design service so if you like any of the finishes you have seen in this article or on my website then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m happy to use elements from various designs or design you something completely unique. My pricing for bespoke designs is the standard pricing plus a small design fee – often around £50-£100 depending on the requirements.