Naked wedding cakes, my favourite examples

Selection of naked wedding cakes

Naked wedding cakes are very much on trend at the moment. If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional iced wedding cake, then naked or semi-naked wedding cakes are definitely worth considering. A naked wedding cake isn’t covered in icing but is left bare with the cake and filling on show. I think they look stunning and incredibly tasty.

The semi naked wedding cakes can still look quite formal if you don’t want to go too rustic. Or you can go very rustic and very unfinished as shown in some of these gorgeous, mouth watering examples!

Most naked wedding cake examples I’ve seen come adorned with either fresh fruit, fresh flowers or both! I think fresh fruit, like in season berries and figs look stunning and make the cake look very tempting.

So here is just a selection of my favourite naked and semi-naked wedding cakes to hopefully give you the inspiration to have one for your own wedding. I think my favourite has to be the chocolate tiered cake with berries and fresh flowers (top left). It’s not your usual wedding cake but would have your guests’ mouths watering.

I also really like the semi naked cake (top right) which has been finished with one beautiful spray of simple, rustic flowers. It looks so simple and elegant.

I think if I had my wedding again (!) then I’d personally go for a semi naked look as I think this still has a formal feel to it but looks lovely and rustic for a barn wedding.


As naked wedding cakes are exposed, they will dry out faster than traditional ones. Which does mean they can’t be made too far in advance but on the plus side you will have a super fresh cake to eat on your wedding day!


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